Foldable Dog Grooming Arm with Clamp



1、Portable Grooming Arm: The pet grooming is easily foldable. Simple to carry and setup.
2、Adjustable Loop Nosse: No-sit haunch holder is important to support head and haunch of pet comfortable, preventing pets from sitting or lying down while you bathe, dry, brush, clip and groom
3、Sturdy Buckle: Height can be easily adjustable by he clamp to meet your need and it can be adjusted to 90cm. Strong security loop with sturdy buckle can keep pets safe and secure while bathe, dry, brush and trim them.
4、Easy to Install: The dog grooming arm is easy to install whether you are a professional groomer or an amateur, this pet grooming arm is the way to go. You can easily put it together with just few steps with no tools required.
5、Anti Oxidation Coating: The whole support surface comes with a dense anti-oxidation coating, which can effectively prevent the product from corrosion and make the grooming arm as strong as new after long-term use.

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