Portable Cat Toilet Training Kit Cat Litter Box Mat


This product is a transitional product for training cats to go to the toilet. Due to the need for cutting holes, the thickness of less than 1 mm does not feel thick, and the product structure design is reasonable. Cats less than 8 kg will not collapse. It is recommended to put the toilet first, and then close the toilet lid, so that it is very stable. Most cats can be successful after training for a month or longer, and some are unsuccessful due to the owner or the cat.

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Is Smart Device



Mainland China

Model Number

Cat Toilet



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garbage bag, shovel, toilet


color box, naked




pet toilet


Cat Toilet Bedpan

Feature 1


Feature 2

cat toilet

Feature 3

cat litter box

Feature 4

Litter cat

Feature 5

Cat litter tray

Feature 6

cat toilet training kit

Feature 7

toilet for cats

Feature 8

Self cleaning cat litter

Feature 9

Sandbox cat

Feature 10

Cat litter box

Feature 11

cat toilet training

Feature 12

Cat toilet house

Feature 13

cat training toilet seat

Feature 14

cat litter free shipping


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