Smart Water Fountain Large Capacity For Cats And Dogs


1. With a large capacity of 2.0L, it can greatly increase the water demand of pets. With a water level window, you can check the water level of the drinking fountain at any time.
2. The 1.2W ultra-quiet water pump makes the running water almost silent. At the same time, the water pump is equipped with a dry-burn prevention function. The water level sensor probe is installed inside the water pump. If the water in the water dispenser is lower than the water level probe position, the water pump will automatically stop the pumping function to protect the water pump from burning. The water pump also has a color reminder function. When the water pump is functioning normally, the color of the light is blue (the light is not dazzling and does not affect the owner and pets’ rest. It is mainly to facilitate the viewing of the height of the pet water dispenser and to prevent the owner and pet from colliding with the drinking fountain in the dark. When the water dispenser is running out of water, the light will turn red to remind the owner to add water to the pet water dispenser.
3. The filter element, which contains activated carbon and resin particles, can effectively remove impurities and peculiar smells in the water. This pet water dispenser is independent opening mould, only this filter element is applicable, and other filters on the market are not applicable. Buyers are advised to change a filter element two weeks before using the pet water dispenser.
4. The detachable filter port is convenient for cleaning the internal structure.
5. Detachable sprinkler, various water outlet methods, suitable for medium-sized pets and young pets, etc.

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